UAP-AC-PRO-5 UniFi AC- PRO 5 pack

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UniFi Pro 3 Pack

UniFi Pro 3 Pack has the same amount of power and effectiveness from the UniFi Pro 3, though the former gives more value for money. It allows you to build a network and boost the broadcast with more strength. 

3x3 MIMO Technology 

The 3-pack setup makes use of the 3x3 MIMO technology, which boosts the transmission and the receipt of Internet data to more than twofold, making the device a more reliable and affordable hotspot or access point. It delivers 450 mbps and supports 802.11n standards. This also has a wide reach. It can be broadcasted up to 400 feet, making it a great enterprise WiFi system for schools, hospitals, and office complexes. 

Dual Band 

Each of the access points in the pack can connect to the two bands, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The first one offers farther distance while the latter gives wireless consistency. The device connects to the radio band that has the least interference or use at any given point to ensure that you can truly maximize the superior Internet speed. 

Flexible Network Design 

The UniFi Pro 3 is highly recommended for those who are planning to create scalable network structures. It’s compatible to a lot of other wireless networking products and it comes with a pair of 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports. You have the option to choose between indoor and outdoor systems. The indoor ones may be installed on the walls and ceilings with their mounting brackets, while the outdoor units are durable and designed to withstand harsh environmental factors. The configuration and modification of the devices’ settings can be done using an intuitive program called UniFi Controller. 

Moreover, when you buy these, you get 3 UniFi Enterprise WiFi technologies. You can cover more areas, strengthen Internet throughput, and share your connection to more people and establishments. It’s one of the best packs any commercial establishments can buy today.

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