UniFi Cable CAT6 CMR


Ubiquiti Networks introduces UniFi Category 6 Indoor Ethernet Cable for your high-speed UniFi and general indoor network deployments. 

CMR (Communications Multipurpose cable, Riser) cabling is flame-retardant and can be run vertically between floors in non‑plenum areas. UniFi Cable is CMR fire-rated (also called riser-rated), making it suitable for in-wall and riser cabling applications. 

  • Cable: Category 6
  • Ethernet Support: Up to 10 Gbps
  • Conductor Type: Bare Solid Copper
  • Conductor Wire Gauge: 23 AWG
  • Conductor Diameter: 0.575 mm, Nominal
  • Insulation Type: FR-PE
  • Insulation Thickness: 0.2 mm, Nominal
  • Insulation Diameter: 1.0±0.1mm
  • Rip Cord: Yes
  • Jacket Material: PVC
  • Jacket Thickness: 0.5 mm, Nominal
  • Jacket Outer Diameter: 6.0±0.3mm
  • Jacket Color: White
  • Reference Standard: ISO/IEC 11801, TIA/EIA568B.2

    Technical Specs / Datasheet - UniFi Cable CAT6 CMR

  • 278 Usd

    Tough Cable PRO CAT5E FTP Outdoor Industrial-Grade


    ToughCable Pro 

    Everybody wants to have their home or office network well protected from the harshest environmental factors. With Ubiquiti’s TouchCable Pro, your networks are guaranteed excellent-quality protection with an Ethernet cable of top-notch industrial-grade shield that comes second to none. 

    Ubiquiti Network Inc currently has the ToughCable available in two versions: the ToughCable Carrier Shielding Protection and the ToughCable Pro Shielding Protection. 

    Enhanced Overall Performance 

    This Category 5 Outdoor Carrier Class Shielded Cable considerably improves your Ethernet link states, enhances speed, and improves the overall performance of your home or office connections and networks. As the upgrade and successor of ToughCable Level 1, the TC-Pro still retains and allows for that much-needed high-quality signal even when passing or when placed parallel to power cables or high voltages. 

    Excellent Weather-Proof Capacity 

    ToughCable Pro from Ubiquiti Networks Inc. has been designed and developed to work and perform at its best even under extreme weather conditions and despite exposure to brutal working environments: hard rain, tough heat, humid atmosphere, etc. 

    Unparalleled Protection from ESD Damage 

    ESD, which is short for electrostatic discharge, is one of the few things one can do to destroy or damage one’s computer or its hardware components. Ubiquiti’s TouchCable Pro helps protect your home or office network from any destructive electrostatic discharge damages with the ESD drain wire for which every product package comes with. 

    Other Significant Features 

    The TC-Pro comes with the following other features: 
    - Conductor pairs (copper)
    - Integrated ESD drain wire
    - Multi-layer shielding
    - Weather-proof jacket
    - Comes available in lengths of 1,000 feet 

    The Ubiquiti Warranty 

    Because it was developed by Ubiquiti Networks Inc., the ToughCable Pro therefore carries the unparalleled product warranty for a period of one year that it will be free from material and workmanship defects under normal use and operation.


    Technical Specs / Datasheet - ToughCable Pro

    248 Usd

    Tough Cable Carrier CAT6 SFTP Outdoor Industrial-Grade


    ToughCable Carrier 

    Keeping your home or office network securely protected from many of the harmful environmental elements is fundamental if you want to make sure such investments last you for many more years. You can get that peace of mind with the help of the latest from Ubiquiti: the ToughCable Carrier. 

    Ubiquiti Network Inc. now has their top-of-the-line ToughCable package available in two versions: the ToughCable Pro Shielding Protection and the ToughCable Carrier Shielding Protection. 

    The ToughCable Carrier Advantage 

    ToughCable Carrier improves your system’s performance. 

    The ToughCable Carrier is a Category 5e Outdoor Carrier Class Shielded Cable that comes second to none in terms of improving your home or office system’s overall performance, particularly in terms of enhancing its speed and maximizing Ethernet link states. 

    Just like its successor, the top-of-the-line ToughCable Carrier version has maintained its unparalleled capacity to allow for high-quality signals for the system even when placed nearby high voltages or within near proximity of other power cables. 

    ToughCable Carrier possesses outstanding weather-proof features. 

    This Ubiquiti Networks Inc. brainchild has been scientifically designed and built to maintain ultimate functionality even when exposed to harsh working environments or under extreme weather constraints when its competitors will not last for long. 

    ToughCable Carrier offers ultimate ESD damage protection. 

    Electrostatic discharge should never be taken for granted when setting up a home or office network as it can potentially damage one’s computers or many of its hardware components. Thanks to Ubiquiti Networks Inc.’s ToughCable Carrier, you home or office setup will be safely protected from any destruction or damage that may be caused by unwanted electrostatic attacks through the ESD drain wire that the ToughCable Carrier package comes with. 

    The ToughCable Carries comes with one-year product warranty. 

    To prove their product’s excellence, Ubiquiti Networks Inc provides one-year warranty for their ToughCable Carrier that every purchase would be free from any damages or defects given that it will be used under normal operation.


    Technical Specs / Datasheet - ToughCable Carrier

    324 Usd

    Tough Cable Connectors CAT6/CAT5E STP Outdoor Industrial-Grade 100 pcs


    ToughCable Connectors 

    It doesn’t matter how intricate or well-planned the network plans are. If there are devices that are attached outdoors, they are susceptible to a lot of things including natural environmental elements such as snow, rain, too much sunlight, and even lightning. Over time, the devices can break down and stop from providing you with seamless Internet access. 

    The Ubiquiti Network company saw that and thus had come up with a very innovative but highly essential and well-though-out connectors known as ToughCable. This: 

    Prevents ESD (electrostatic discharge) attacks 

    An electrostatic discharge is the electric current produced when two things generate electricity once it comes into contact. A perfect example is when lightning touches on a metal plate. All devices have the optimum electrical power, and the amount of current that reaches it should not go beyond the limit. Otherwise, it’s going to experience irreparable damage. ESD attacks can happen at any time and can hit antennas and dishes, among others. The ToughCable Connectors, however, avoid any kind of damage to them through their specially designed drain wires. 

    Reduces crosstalks 

    Cross-talks, in the broadest sense, are interferences often caused by twisted wires. They can disrupt the transmission of Internet signals, especially within networks and wirelessly, which then prevents you from making the most of your devices’ speed and strength. In order to prevent or drastically reduce crosstalk, the ToughCable connectors implement dividers that separate various wire pairs. 

    Greatly resists various weather conditions 

    The ToughCable connectors have been truly designed of outdoors as they can combat different weather conditions even the harsh ones such as hurricanes and rain. This is because of the extra layer of shield added to the already tough set of connectors. 

    The ToughCable connectors help increase the speed and performance of your wireless signal and the effectiveness of your network. 

    Model currently come in box with 100 pcs.

    Tough Cable Connectors Ground CAT6/CAT5E STP Outdoor Industrial-Grade 20 pcs


    TOUGHCable Connectors: Specifically designed for use with Ubiquiti TOUGHCables and available in 20-pc packs, TOUGHCable Connectors protect against ESD attacks and Ethernet hardware damage while allowing rapid field deployment without soldering. 

    • Specifically designed for use with Ubiquiti TOUGHCable
    • Eliminates Ethernet ESD failures
    • Rapid field deployment without soldering


    Technical Specs / Datasheet - ToughCable Connections