LAP-GPS Ubiquiti LiteAP GPS

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Lite AP GPS is equipped with a 90 degree integrated high-performance sector antenna and GPS synchronization for airMAX scalable and cost-effective networks.

Introducing Ubiquiti LiteAP AC airMAX (LAP-GPS), the newest high-performance access point from Ubiquiti Networks. Featuring an ultralight form factor, LAP-GPS was designed as an affordable price / quality solution for long-range wireless broadband bridges. Each of these access points operates in the worldwide license-free frequency range of 5 GHz. LAP-GPS combines proprietary hardware and software technologies to provide its revolutionary combination of bandwidth and range.
Equipment overview

LAP-GPS provides real TCP / IP throughput of up to 450+ Mbps and has an effective form factor.

GPS sync support

LAP-GPS supports GPS synchronization for faster and more scalable carrier-class networks. Accurate GPS frame synchronization allows co-located LAP-GPS devices to send and receive data without interfering with each other, providing better frequency reuse and increased network stability. In a cost-effective deployment, WISP LAP-GPS is used as an air-point AC airMAX point-to-point network access point.


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