AM-V5G-Ti Sector Titanium V5G-Ti

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Sector Titanium V5G-Ti 

The Sector Titanium V5G-Ti antenna is one of the most effective base station or wireless radio antennas in the market, using technologies such as AirMax that helps allow you to reduce interference in co-location deployments. Furthermore, you can also adjust the beam width, depending on the kind of throughput you require or the networks you wish to communicate and share Internet signals. You can change the beam width into 60, 90, and 120 degrees with electrical downtilt of 2 degrees. 

Strong Gain 

The antenna works on the 5GHz frequency which is known for its strong Internet signal but without a smaller gain than the 2.4GHz, so the reach is smaller. This antenna, however, remains powerful with considerable gain, depending on the beam width you have chosen. The gain ranges from 19 to 21 dBi. 


The Sector Titanium V5G-Ti antenna is composed of weatherproof RF connectors that prevent or drastically reduce the chances of losing the Internet throughput or signal. It also has a wind load rate of about 37 pounds at 120 miles per hour or a wind survivability score of 160 miles per hour, so even if you have a huge thunderstorm, the antenna keeps itself still. 

Compatible with Various Wireless Radios 

The Sector Titanium VG-Ti antenna works with different wireless radios such as RocketM5 Titanium, RocketM5, and RocketM5 GPS. This offers you a couple of advantages. One, you can easily build your network and then extend the reach or coverage of the main device, especially a base station. The antenna can be added into the network as well so you can conveniently transform any base station into a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint network setup. 

Connecting the antenna to any of these radios is convenient since they have been specifically designed to be compatible. To attach the antenna, you can easily snap it at the back of the wireless radio system. You can also make use of the pole mounting kit included in the package to keep the antenna secure.


Technical Specs / Datasheet - Sector Titanium V5G-Ti

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