RocketDish 2G24

RocketDish 2G24 

The various Rocket M devices have been designed for seamless, reliable, and cost-effective wireless connectivity over a large area. However, sometimes the throughput needs a little boost. A great option is to attach a RocketDish 2G24 parabolic antenna. 

Antenna Specifications 

The RocketDish 2G24 is truly cut out for improving your current bridging solutiosn. It is a parabolic antenna that is known for its high directivity. It therefore focuses whatever signal it receives or transit to a particular location, allowing two bridged networks located at various places to communicate properly. It’s also a dual-polarity device that has a narrow beam width of 3.8 degrees, for both horizontal and vertical polarization, allowing it to have very high gains or long reach (24dBi). It works at a frequency between 2.3 and 2.7GHz and at an F/B ratio of -50 dB. The cross-pol isolation rate is 35dB minimum. 


The parabolic antenna has a dimension of 648mm for its diameter and weighs 9.8 kg. It is designed to complement other Rocket antennas and base stations that are using AirMax. For you to install it, you simply need to snap it to its rightful place. All the things you need such as the pole mounting kit are already included in the package. There’s also a bracket to keep the dish in place and weatherproof RF jumpers that prevent any untoward damage on the antenna’s components. The wind survivability rate of the antenna is 120 miles per hour while the wind load is 113 pounds for every 100 miles per hour. 


Despite the complexity of the design and use, the RocketDish 2G24 is a very reasonably priced device, making it truly a practical solution for wireless networking, especially if you want to create a stronger bridge among the network devices. You can also choose to add this only when you’re ready or you find it necessary to improve your bridging solution.


Technical Specs / Datasheet - RocketDish 2G24

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RocketDish 3G26

370 Usd

RocketDish 3G26

Ubiquiti RocketDish 3G26 может крепиться к стене, к столбу или устанавливаться на специальной треноге. Для точного выставления относительно горизонта антенна снабжена встроенным водяным уровнем. Устройство изготовлено из легких и прочных материалов при соблюдении всех стандартов, гарантирующих его безукоризненную и длительную работу.

RocketDish 3G26 

Are you using Rocket M3? Then you can maximize its throughput and speed through RocketDish 3G26 outdoor antenna. 

Dual-linear Polarization Technology 

The RocketDish 3G26 antenna makes use of a dual-linear polarization technology, which means you have both the vertical and the horizontal polarization in one antenna. That’s a huge advantage for you since there’s no need to spend more money on another one. Second, you can easily increase your throughput and provide a more effective multi-thread communication. This is also meant for devices that are running through 802.11n. 

Easy and Fast Installation 

Don’t be deceived by the look and the name. The device is so easy to use and quick to install you don’t even have to use any special equipment or learn more about the antenna. The package already includes a mount, which you can then snap into the antenna. That’s about it! The device has been designed to securely fasten itself and is surely compatible with Rocket M3. 


For any device that has to be set up outdoors, durability is one of the most essential things to keep in mind. The RocketDis 3G26 is made of very durable materials, and all the important parts are enclosed in a strong enclosure. It has a wind load of 113 pounds per 100 mph and a wind survivability of 120 mph. In other words, even if the winds are already too strong, you can still count on the antenna to perform. It also comes with RF jumpers that are weatherproof. 

High Cross-pol Isolation 

The Rocket3G26 has a high score for cross-pol isolation. While the highest rate is around 20 dB, the device has 13dB, which means that there’s very little leak when it comes to the two antenna polarizations when using WiFi at long distances. For short range, meanwhile, it signifies faster or higher speed.



Technical Specs / Datasheet - RocketDish 3G26

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RocketDish 5G30

218 Usd

RocketDish 5G30

RocketDish 5G30 

Improve network relationships such as those located in various locations through the RocketDish 5G30. 

Easy Installation 

The RocketDish 5G30 has been designed for certain base stations such as AirMax and Rocket M. Thus, the installation process is very simple and fast. In fact, there’s no need to use any special tools for attachment. All you need to do is to snap the dish along with the mount, and you’re good to go. It’s very secure with very little movement. This is important since you also want to achieve stability when it comes to signal strength and transmission. 

2x2 MIMO Technology 

The dish has a carrier-class antenna that supports 2x2 MIMO technology for a stronger and more reliable Internet throughput. This also allows the RocketDish 5G30 to work as an effective point-to-point bridge connecting two LAN networks that are not necessarily found in the same location. 

Long Range 

The RocketDish 5G30 has a very long range of more or less 50 kilometers, making it an ideal solution for networks that are found in clustered buildings, remote offices, and even a neighborhood. The Internet speed is pegged at around 150 mbps, which is sufficient for various network and online applications such as the sharing of data, e-mailing, browsing, and chatting. The antenna makes use of a dual-linear polarity with a high cross-polarization isolation of at least 35dB. The potential gain from the dish is high as well, between 28 and 30.25 dBi. It has an H-pol and V-pol beam width of 5 degrees and a front or back ratio of -34dB. 

High Frequency 

The RocketDish 5G30 also encourages a more stable Internet throughput with very minimal interference because of its high frequency range, which is from 4.9 to 5.90GHz. The high frequency means you don’t have to go through the 2.4GHz which is often noisy since a lot of devices are using it.


Technical Specs / Datasheet - RocketDish 5G30

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RocketDish 5G31 AC


Breakthrough Design and Performance 

The powerful RocketDish™ ac Antennas feature carrier-class construction and 2x2, dual-polarity performance. 

Powerful Beam Directivity 

The RocketDish™ ac Antennas feature high isolation and improved F/B ratio for better Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), which allows the use of higher-order modulation and the maximum data rate. 

Reduced Interference, Higher Gain 

The improved F/B ratio and lower sidelobes significantly reduce interference, so the innovative RocketDish™ ac Antennas provide superior gain and beam performance for high-capacity, multipoint networks. 

Industrial-Strength Construction 

RocketDish™ ac Antennas are designed with robust mechanical design for outdoor application use. 

Weatherproof Design 

Ruggedized yet lightweight components resist corrosion and are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The included radome and metal shroud help protect against nature’s elements.


Technical Specs / Datasheet - RocketDish 5G31 AC


550 Usd

RocketDish 5G30 Lite


Innovative Industrial Design 

Weighing in at only 7.4 kg, the RocketDish LW is engineered with ruggedized yet lightweight components to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. 

Plug and Play Integration 

The RocketDish LW has a built-in Rocket™mount, so no tools are needed to install the Rocket BaseStation. 

Optional Isolator Radome 

The IsoBeam™ enhances isolation performance for co-location and features an integrated protective radom 

Optional Alignment Accessory 

The Precision Alignment Kit enables extremely accurate aiming for optimal link performance.


Operating Frequency: 5.1-5.8 GHz
Gain: 30 dBi
Polarization: Dual Linear
Dimensions: 648 mm diameter
Weight: 7.4 kg

328 Usd

RocketDish 5G34

512 Usd

RocketDish 5G34


RocketDish 5G34 

The RocketDish antenna is highly ideal for point-to-point networking - that is, if you want to have two networks and systems communicating each other more effectively. And just like most of the bridging applications designed by Ubiquiti Network, this one stands out for its added advanced features, making it a manageable, reliable, and cost-efficient tool to have. 

Awesome Performance 

The RocketDish 5G34 works seamlessly with Rocket M devices. They broadcast through a frequency of 4.90 to 5.90, which is considered cleaner because it doesn’t have a lot of interference, noise, or clutter. There’s hardly anything that restricts the proper flow of the wireless transmission. It has a very high gain of more than 34dBi, which means it has a far reach. With it, you can connect two separate buildings with multiple floors with no problem. As a dual-linear polarization, you can set this up either vertically or horizontally. The beam width for both remains at 3 degrees. It also uses MIMO technology to allow it to increase its throughput. 

Lastly, it uses the AirMax technology, which is famous for its flexibility or scalability. As a user, you can have a lot of control as to its bandwidth allocation, giving you more power over reducing latency. You can then pair this with QoS so you can have a much clearer transmission. 

Quick Setup 

At first glance, the RocketDish may be intimidating, but it’s quick and convenient to work with. All the parts needed for its installation are already found in the package. These include RF jumpers that are weatherproof and mating brackets, so you can easily attach this to a Rocket M. 

Durability and Protection 

RocketDish 5G34 measures 38.3 inches in diameter with a wind load of 256 pounds at 100 miles per hour. It has a wind survivability rate of 125 miles per hour. Nevertheless, you can make this even stronger by adding a Radome that conceals the antenna from prying eyes and increases the wind load.


Operating Frequency: 5.1-5.8 GHz
Gain: 34 dBi
Polarization: Dual Linear
Dimensions: 1050 mm diameter
Weight: 13.5 kg



Technical Specs / Datasheet - RocketDish 5G34

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Radome 2 RAD-2RD Radome Cover for Ubiquiti Rocketdish RD-5G30, RD-3G26, RD-2G24, PBM10


Radome 2 

Though a RocketDish is built with the harsh weather conditions outdoors in mind, they can still be made to last even longer by adding a Radome 2. This is a kind of protective dome that makes sure the dish and all its sensitive components are further protected and secure against different elements in the outdoors. The Radome 2 makes you feel more at peace, knowing that your investments are fully secured. 

Scare Away the Thieves 

Intruders are common, and they can set their sights on your comprehensive network systems. The RocketDish is reasonably priced, but then it isn’t the cheapest. So you don’t end up spending for another unit because of theft, you can fully secure it by adding a Radome 2 by concealing the entire equipment from the prying eyes. For the others, everything may look like a regular dome light for the home - nothing worth keeping. 

Extend the Life of Your Antenna 

The Radome 2 is made even tougher than the RocketDish by allowing it to last and sustain strong winds, scorching heat, and torrential rain and snow. Made from very tough materials, the dome definitely secures all the integral components very well. Nevertheless, they can still be very easy to manage should you wish to change your antenna or use the dome for another RocketDish. It minimizes the wind load, allowing the antenna to remain very steady. 

Convenient Integration 

The Radome 2 is designed to work with RocketDish 2G24, 3G26, 5G30, PowerBridge M10 antenna. The installation process is incredibly easy, and you can have all the systems up and ready, as well as protected, in no more than 10 minutes. This type of Radome has a measurement of 2 feet or roughly 645 mm. Indeed the Radome 2 is a beautifully crafted but industrial-grade protector for your wireless system.

108 Usd

Isolator Ring 620


Ubiquiti Isolator ring for PowerBeam 620 and RD-5G30-LW 

Description The IsoBeam™ is an isolator radome that is available as an optional accessory for the RD-5G30-LW. Its innovative RF-choke perimeter delivers breakthrough isolation performance in co-location deployments, and the integrated radome provides additional advantages: 


  • Reduces wind load
  • Protects antenna surfaces from nature’s harshest elements
  • Conceals antenna feed equipment from public view
  • The IsoBeam is also compatible with PowerBeam™ PBE-5AC-620 and PowerBeam PBE-M5-620
  • 130 Usd